Spring time in Chicago!

It’s March 23rd and the calendar says it’s spring but you would never know it looking out the window ot the snow that continues to fall rapidly. Of course the snow does not surprise me, living in the Midwest all my life. I know the weather can be 60 and sunny one day and 20 and snowing the next.

This unpredictable weather can effect our mood and emotional state. I know that for me I feel more sluggish when it is cloudy, cold, and snowy. This type of weather has a greater effect on me when it is a unexpected change. As with anyone with mobility issues, the snow effects my ability to get around outside. Thus I need to arrange for transportation to successfully accomplish what I need to.

How do we remain grounded in this ever changing weather? When we feel sluggish we tend not to want to be productive. It is so important to stay active and exercise during these times to keep our bodies healthy and minds clear. Ensure that you keep to your daily routine and exercise regimine. Another thing that is important to keep our minds steady is to meditate. Many say, “I can’t sit that long to meditate.” However if you are able sit for five minutes and focus on breath you have meditated. Your mind may wander, but when you realize it has simply bring it back to the breath. Even five minutes of meditation can leave you with a more positive and more centered outlook on your day.

Remembering these things may not completely take away the feeling of angst when you see snow on the ground and have to bundled up in your winter clothing in the middle of spring, but it can only help!