Adaptive & Accesible Yoga Classes & Workshops

Class Schedule

Chair Yoga
Access Living
115 W. Chicago
Chicago, IL 60654
5pm to 6pm
$5 Donation

Every 1st Wednesday and 3rd Monday of the Month

Chair Yoga
Progress Center for Independent Living
7521 Madison St.
Forest Park, IL 60130
$5 Donation

Every 3rd Wednesday of the month

Class and Workshop Descriptions

Adaptive Yoga Workshop for Students of all Abilities

In a  yoga workshop for people of all abilities, Ryan draws on his own experience as a person with cerebral palsy to create a safe environment for students. His years of personal yoga practice and training as a yoga teacher gives him a great understanding of how to adapt the practice of yoga to meet the unique needs of each individual. He will teach poses and techniques to make yoga accessible to every body. With humor and insight, Ryan gently guides students to remove any self-doubt and explore the many opportunities yoga has to offer. Gain greater ease in your body and mind. Learn how to use props to practice poses you never thought you could do. A portion of the workshop will include the use of chairs so you can learn how to practice at home without the use of special yoga props.


Adaptive Yoga: A Practice for People of All Abilities; This workshop is designed for yoga teachers or teacher trainees.

It is often thought that the desired form of a yoga pose is the ‘classical’ form of the pose. However, this is only the case if the yoga practitioner benefits from the classical pose.
In this workshop we will learn how to adapt poses for people of all abilities by using yoga props. Adaptations are based upon what each individual needs, thus there is no one adaption of a pose that fits all. We will learn to work together with the student to create a yoga practice that benefits their body and mind.
As a person with cerebral palsy, who has practiced yoga for ten years, Ryan teaches how to adapt poses from a personal perspective. He will also discuss how to approach students with disabilities in a way that gets them passionate about yoga.

Seated Yoga

Almost all yoga poses can be done while seated in a chair.  All levels and abilities are welcome in this fun yet challenging class!