Welcome to Access 2 Yoga!

We are dedicated to adaptive and accessible yoga practice. Based in Chicago IL, we provide adaptive yoga classes, workshops and trainings to students and yoga teachers who would like to provide accessible yoga instruction to students of all abilities.

Ryan McGraw, a yoga teacher and individual with cerebral palsy, has created Access2yoga.com drawing on his own personal experience of adapting yoga postures for the needs of his body and his years of yoga training. Ryan was featured in a US News and World Report article on adaptive yoga. He has written about his yoga experience in the recently published book Yoga and Body Image, a collection of essays from people who are not the average yoga practitioner.


What is Adaptive Yoga?

Adapting yoga postures allows people of all abilities to do yoga. It is not a “special” form yoga for people with disabilities. It is instead about respecting the needs of your body so that you can successfully do yoga without getting injured. Everyone’s body is different, thus everyone will  have to adapt their yoga practice in some way. Adapting yoga does not have to be difficult and complicated, it can be as simple as doing your yoga practice seated on a chair or putting your hands on blocks or another object if they do not reach the floor.

Ryan has created a yoga manual with step by step directions on how to adapt several yoga postures. Each posture is accompanied by photographs. You can view the manual here: Adaptive Yoga Manual. Please keep in mind that the adaptations shown in this manual are simply suggestions on how to adapt yoga postures. Respect the needs of your body when attempting the postures.

Please explore the site to learn about the potential of  adaptive yoga!